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At The Self Storage Dubai, we love our customers and continuously invest in their happiness. This positive work environment ensures our team delivers the very best in customer service and experience. Here we enhance our commitment to providing the best level of our services to our clients and community on day to day basis. Self Storage Dubai’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service for Home Storage, Furniture storage in Dubai, and Business storage at an economical cost which makes it your smart choice for all of your storage requirements. It was established in 2010 with the vision to provide world-class Self Storage in Dubai with low prices and Relocation services with a clear and constant focus on customer satisfaction, through a genuine commitment to quality ”Our store is just 1.2 km from the Sheikh Zayed road and very easy to find it on map.

Home Storage Dubai

Basic Reasons for storing full household:

temporarily shifting for work
a gap between quitting one home and occupying the next
traveling for an extended period of time
temporarily moving in with your family or house-sharing.

Home Self Storage Dubai is an ultra-modern, clean, secure, fully air-conditioned self–storage based in central Dubai. Feel free to contact us! your household protection is self storage’s first priority.

Home Storage Dubai

Tips for packing your home storage unit
You need to be methodical when positioning items in a storage unit.
This makes items easier to find and streamlines unpacking when you empty the storage unit.

Place heavy items at the bottom
Heavy, stable items like beds and tables should be positioned low down to act as bases for boxes and loose items. For example, a rolled-up carpet can be placed on top of a bed.

Leave appliance doors slightly ajar
Fridges, freezers, washing machines, and other appliances should be stored with their doors wedged open to prevent mold.

Label boxes clearly
You might think you’ll remember what’s packed in each box but, after a few months, all the boxes will look the same.

Create access space
Leave a gap down the middle of the storage unit so items at the back can be accessed without unpacking the unit.

Make clever use of space
Small items can be stored inside cupboards, under tables, and even inside the fridge.
Make sure you follow the next tip so you know where you’ve placed items.

Create a map and inventory list
Draw a basic sketch of where things are located in the storage unit and write a full inventory list with notes.

please let us know if you are moving Home, Renovating, Relocating abroad and you have no space to keep your personal stuff don’t worry we are here to provide you best services.

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